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Frontier Land : Bow, Mid bow, Mast

Wonderland: Port Pit, Starboard Pit,Jib, Spin, Main

Fantasy land : Nav, Tactician,Helm





























Bow Man/Girl

You will be moving most the time on Celeritas.  Based on your skill, size and strength I need you to do allot on the boat while racing.  We both have to agree on what you do so it is truly productive in making us fast.  For sure you are on the bow from the warning single to the start.  Your role is to help Malcolm and I understand the traffic.  We will agree on how to describe the different boats, but the more I know the easier it is for me to make a decision when to make the final tack.  We will always use you on the line for reference but I will tend to rely on the box aft if it is accurate.  I do not want you to ever stop calling the line, but I may override you if I agree with the box.  Upwind you will hike and be prepared to get the spinnaker to hook up. Off the wind you will assist the spinnaker going up then drop jib and only hook up fraculater if needed.  At the leeward mark you will pull down the spinnaker and take both sheets and halyard and hook together.  Leave that sail and come up and hike. 

You may also be used to clean up when sailing upwind and I want you to be the person in charge of all equipment below. 

* Sails
* Lunch
* Liquid
* All gear (safety, foul weather, life jackets)


Pre-Boat Call

* Check Weather
* Have a good breakfast
* Organize your sailing clothes
* Anticipate the day’s condition

Boat Call

* Help rig boat
* Adjust interior after speaking with me
* Make sure we have both A2's packed and banded as planned
* All spinn's packed, A1 just in bag, A4 banded
* Look over boat for any problems
* Ask questions, do we have the proper sails; do we have the proper equipment, etc...?



* Jib hoist
* Hike upwind
* Practice upwind for 20 min
* Set for hoist, get A2
* Round a mark and hoist, drop jib, 20 min approx.
* Drop sail and re-pack with bands
* Ping ends, look for line reference
* Hydrate and get ready for warning signal
* At Warning, direct traffic on the bow
* At Start come back to rail and hike
* Sailing upwind think about the proper time to get the A sail to hook up, (it will be on our last port tack to the top mark)
* Matt will hook it up
* After we round the top mark on the offset leg you will help the tack out to the pole
* After the offset mark assist be in position to take jib down (pull the luff down fast)
* Control the jib
* Make sure new spinn sheet is above tack batten on bow
* At leeward mark be prepared to pull spinnaker down forward hatch
* Unhook sheets, halyard hook together, close hatch and latch if windy
* Come up and hike

Post Race

* Write down any issues in your area
* Clean up
* Ask questions
* De-Brief
* Help fix any problems

* Prepare boat today for racing tomorrow